Fort Lauderdale's Most Popular Restaurants for Foursquare Users

Eater National is buzzy about Foursquare's newest feature that allows users to create their own lists and follow others'. Eater is so excited about it they've created a series of lists based on every Eater city's top restaurants in the Eater 38, including Miami. And here I thought Foursquare was losing steam.

For the uninitiated, Foursquare is a site for members who use phones to check-in to restaurants, bars, or any other location around a city to collect points and virtual badges. It's basically a virtual shout out in the form of a game that lets others know where you are and where you'll most often be found. 

Who actually uses the site in these parts and where do they go to eat and drink? Since the site doesn't keep lists for users,  we've done the legwork to cull Fort Lauderdale's most popular restaurants and bars for Foursquare users:

10. Southport Raw Bar
1,137 check-ins
A waterside view for folks who like to share their bi-valves, steamed clams, conch fritters, and cold beer, with a cast of OG's and tourists.

The Floridian
1,232 check-ins
This ossified diner with passable food and plenty of attitude culls points as a 24-hour landmark with front row seats for people watching.

8. Elbo Room
1,345 check-ins
The dinosaur of dive bars lures every tourist nostalgic for the city's party days of yore.

7. Cheesecake Factory
1,502 check-ins
The cheesecake isn't the only cheese at this behemoth that offers giant portions and a grating experience.

6. Brew Urban Cafe (Himmarshee)
1, 826 check-ins (Brew Urban Cafe on Federal Hwy. 1,639 check-ins)
Brew's delicious coffee and eats attracts locals to one of the more laid-back destinations on the list.

5. America's Backyard
2,144 check-ins
Sliders, wings, SpArt dip, and chicken fingers is the standard fare at this giant meat market.

4. Yolo Restaurant and Lounge
2,441 check-ins
Truffle potato chips, deluxe grilled cheese, prime rib, and mac and cheese feed a crowd that's here for an untzy vibe in this labyrinthian space.

3. Tarpon Bend
2,794 check-ins
Choose from a giant list of bar food that fronts fish at this cavernous downtown hotspot.

2. Rosie's Bar and Grill
6,202 check-ins
Go for a Big-Girl Burger to go with the Daily Medicine (alcohol) at Rosie's, a boozy destination touting a seven-hour long happy hour.

1. Georgie's Alibi
6,670 check-ins
A drag brunch and delicious burgers are the draws to Georgie's Alibi, a Florida chain that's a destination whether you're gay or straight.

What makes these stops so popular among the techy set? For comparison sake, check out the top ten most popular for Zagat,Trip Advisor, and Yelp.

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