Fort Lauderdale's PL8 to Host Clean Plate Charlie Night on October 6

You love the brick-oven egg over at PL8, served with cherry tomatoes and Vermont cheddar on buttery toast ($10) but maybe you're reticent about the chicken "chimichangas" served with sour cream, pickled shallots, and chipotle ($10): too Chi-Chi's.

For those who hope to shape a restaurant's menu,

PL8 will offer diners the opportunity to help fine-tune its menu on October 6 from 6 to 9 p.m. on Clean Plate Charlie Night. At the close of the meal, customers will receive ballots that allow each patron to provide feedback on pluses, minuses, and in-betweens for the newly revamped restaurant. Your feedback will help the kitchen edit the plates at PL8.

This isn't a limited-seating, communal table event. It's available to all diners who attend the restaurant during designated hours. Strategists, check out the menu here. Mark your calendar, and spread the word.

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