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Founders Brewing Beer Dinner at Whole Foods Coral Springs Friday

Yes, a dinner with beer at a grocery store. We have indeed reached the promise land, ladies and gentleman.

In case you've been living under a rock (in a dry county) for quite some time you might have noticed that craft beer is kind of, like, a thing. A BIG thing. And particularly so in her in South Florida. Craft beer bars and, now, breweries, are popping up left and right.

Every single spot where you can wet your whistle is bragging about their selection, and now even the grocery stores are getting in on the action. But stop being impressed with the fact that Publix will let you custom fill a six pack with individual craft bottles. (Did you notice they're not refrigerated, by the way, but the Bud and Coors is? Can't imagine why... Anyway.)

The Whole Foods Market in Coral Springs has upped the ante with taps - TAPS!

That's right, no more complaining from that lazy significant other when you ask them to run out for recycled toilet paper or organic milk. They will, however, be stopping for a pint, so don't expect a rush on that TP.

Friday night, Whole Foods is taking things even further with a beer pairing dinner featuring Founders Brewing Company.

The dinner kicks off at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 plus tax per person for a four-course dinner and beer pairing.

The menu includes:

  • All Day IPA paired with Roasted Beet Salad - arugula, pears, multigrain croutons, blue cheese, almonds

  • Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale paired with Gnocchi - roasted squash, Brussels sprouts, brown butter, amoretti

  • Founders Porter paired with Beer Braised Brisket or (vegetarian) Roasted Mushroom Ragout - horseradish pommes puree, creamed spinach, roasted root vegetables

  • Breakfast Stout paired with Coffee Crème brûlée with cocoa nibs

If you're new to craft beers, a beer pairing dinner is the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn a little bit. That way, the next time your browsing the endless beer aisles at Total Wine - or even the more limited one at Publix or Whole Foods - you won't feel so intimidated.

Whole Foods Market - Coral Springs is located at 810 University Drive. Call 954-753-8000, or visit

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