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Four Clichés to Consume on St. Patrick's Day in South Florida

Pulling on the "Kiss Me, I'm Wasted" T-shirt and a green-and-white striped top hat for St. Patrick's Day won't score you any points for creativity, but on a holiday that's become as mainstream and boozy as this, does it really matter? Hell no.

So down those green Jell-O shots and "dance" to Irish folk music with wild abandon -- who cares if you're a walking/stumbling/cab-calling cliché on March 17? After the jump, find the top four consumables for St. Patrick's Day and where to get them in Broward and Palm Beach.

1. Green beer -- Cheap suds meet cheap food coloring and voila! It's a party in a cup!  

Where to get it: A1A Dive Bar in Fort Lauderdale is just one of many (many) bars that will offer specials on green drinks, including green brews, green wine (yikes), and free green Jell-O shots. The party is 11 a.m. to close. 

2. Corned beef and cabbage -- Whether this dish is an authentic Irish meal is a matter of debate. But what does that really matter when it's become synonymous with the way those of us in "the New World" mark the holiday?

Where to get it: Practically every bar, Irish or not, will serve the dish on St. Patrick's Day which can make it something of a mixed bag. Head to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery in Dania Beach, where corned beef and cabbage is part of the regular menu and the bar will be rocking with Irish music and merriment all day long.

3. Shamrock Shake -- It probably doesn't taste as good as you remember, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't verify for yourself what minty cold green paint would taste like. McDonald's seasonal "treat" is the family-friendly -- although not exactly gut-friendly -- way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

Where to get it: This is the first year that the shamrock shake was made available at every McDonald's franchise in the country. That being said, they are available in limited supply, so you may have to travel to several South Florida locations to finds yours, particularly if you wait until March 17 to begin the hunt. 

4. Guinness -- Because, seriously. Why get your buzz from green barley water?   

Where to get it: Every Irish bar, of course, and many that will be Irish for the day. To narrow the field, head to Waxy O'Connor's in Fort Lauderdale. The party will be raucous, the beers will be poured all night long, and Guinness can be consumed by the pint, or as part of your dinner -- the Guinness beef stew, for instance -- or both. 

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