​South Florida is full of the Bocahontas types -- skinny, Botoxed, and willing to do anything to stay that way.

Four Reasons Your Fitness Instructor Hates You

That's where Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, who explained the healthiest fast-food options, comes in. He makes his living shaping and developing the muscles of the region's super skinny. 

While watching women (and men) sweat on the beach sure sounds delightful, it comes with its own set of grievances.

Thankfully, Col. Bob was willing to share them with us so we could bring you the four reasons your fitness instructor hates you.

4. You try to win
"Eighty percent of the people in the fitness classes are women. But when guys show up, there's the guy pressure to perform. They think, "Well, I can do this."

But they can't... Working out on the beach, in the humidity, under the hot sun is not the way to prove you have more testosterone than the guy next to you. Try to outrun others in the fitness group and you'll end up puking in a trash can.

3. You don't try hard enough
"There's too much peer pressure for someone to just not work out, but you will find people who will fall behind. Sometimes I do get someone who just won't apply themselves."

Yea, we're talking to you, Susie Q. You started thinking that exercising toward your New Year's resolution was a good idea -- and we applaud you -- but don't give up now. That'll only make you a quitter.

2. Too Much Talking
Fitness classes are about pushing your muscles to the limits so you can become healthier. It's not about socializing, gabbing, or cracking jokes -- although Col. Bob's classes still encourage humor. It's when you take it too far that the group gets off track.

1. It's All About "Me"
"Life is really about helping others. Sometimes there's someone who is having a 'me' day where everything is about 'me' and the world revolves around 'me.' I'd make that my number one." 

Well said, Colonel, well said.

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