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Four Reasons Your Vita-Mix Is Doubling as Your New BFF

​I don't have to tell you that purchasing a Vitamix blender can be life-changing event. Mostly because there are already groups like Vita-Mix or Die!!! or I LOVE my Vita-Mix to do so. But I will tell you that the bond you can form with the handy blender that has helped millions to eat more veggies could be a lifelong one, and here's why...

1.) Together you minimize the negatives -- Your Vita-Mix will never look at you disapprovingly if you prefer your veggies straight from the discount bin. Say you totally spaced on that bin of strawberries in the back of the fridge or you happen to prefer your bananas a lovely shade of mocha. Throw that shit right in -- bruises and all -- for one of the sweetest smoothies you've ever had. A friend that helps you minimize landfill space and food waste is a keeper.

2.) DIY skin treatments -- Sure, smoothies can take you only so far. One bonus of Vita-Mix quality time is a weekly spa session using simple ingredients culled from your kitchen cabinets. Blend one overripe avocado with some lemon and sea salt for a lush hair mask or use leftover cucumber, greens, and grape seed oil for a detoxifying facial mask.

3.) Vita-Mix ultimately wants what's best for you -- Sometimes what's best for you is a week's worth of kale shakes to get your lower intestines in tip-top shape. But then sometimes what's really, really best for you is an all-night ice cream party for one. BFF Vita-Mix can do both. Thirty-second strawberry soy ice cream? Done.

4.) Vita-Mix is in it for the long haul -- A seven- to ten-year warranty guarantees Vita-Mix will stick around way longer than most appliances or relationships, in some cases. You think an overconfident George Foreman or that tweaky Slap Chop guy would've lasted that long hanging out in your kitchen? Doubtful.

Still not convinced? Then visit the Whole Foods Coral Springs location, where the Vita-Mix Road Show is parking for the next five days. From August 3 to 7, live demos will be held daily. Learn how to whip up soups, nut butters, juices, smoothies, and ice cream from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Snag a $50 coupon toward a Vita-Mix 5200 blender at the Health Starts Here Center and join the Vita-Mix cult already. Call 954-753-8000.

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Terra Sullivan