Mmmm...delicious FD&C Green No. 3.
Mmmm...delicious FD&C Green No. 3.
SpaceAgeSage via Creative Commons

Four Things to Drink on St. Patrick's Day Instead of Green Beer

Green beer - the defacto and decidedly non-authentic Official Drink of St. Patrick's Day - is the liquid equivalent of shouting "Whoooo!!" when your favorite song comes on in the club: innocent fun, but a little amateurish.

Unless you're chugging from plastic cups at a frat party, there's no good reason to drink crappy, cheap beer that has the added "bonus" of turning your tongue - and...insides - an unhealthy shade of green.

As St. Patrick's Day approaches and you fortify your liver for a Thursday spent celebrating (i.e. drinking), consider these four festive boozy drinks in lieu of that green swill:     


4. Half & Half - A pint glass filled halfway with lager (like Harp) and topped off with stout (like Guinness). Zero room for a drop o' green.

3. Margarita, Mojito, Caipirnha, etc. - In case you feel like being contrarian. Suggested drinks for Cinco de Mayo include Guinness, Black & Tan or straight vodka. 

2. Spiked Shamrock Shake - If St. Patrick's Day just doesn't feel like a celebration without the ingestion of green food coloring, hit the McDonald's drive-through for the Holy Grail of fast food holiday-themed nonfat milk solids. Mix in a shot of Bailey's or Rumplemintz to really get the party started (or ended). 

1. Irish whiskey - Something good - Jameson, Tullamore Dew or Bushmills - straight up. No fuss, just good old-fashioned booze poured directly down the gullet.

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