Free Chipotle Burrito, Bowl, or Taco: How to Get Yours

Free Chipotle Burrito, Bowl, or Taco: How to Get Yours

Looking for a free lunch? If so, Chipotle is offering free sofritas grub starting January 27 in all U.S. and Canadian restaurants, including here in South Florida.

There is one catch, though: Buy something first. Specifically, you must purchase a sofritas item on January 26 and save the receipt. Then, you can then exchange the receipt on any day from January 27 to February 28, for a "bounce-back," or free, burrito, bowl, taco, or salad.

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You also have to love eating vegan or vegetarian food. From the company's website, sofritas are a new item on the Chipotle menu that are made with braised chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, "organic" tofu, and some spices.

"Sofritas" derives from the word "sofritao," which is basically a Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American-inspired mixture of sautéed or stir-fried herbs, spices, and sometimes vegetables. It's often used to flavor meats, soups, and other dishes.

Although savvy vegan eaters who order Chipotle might pay $2 less by ordering a burrito or bowl instead of the sofritas, at least they get something for free by ordering the latter.

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