Free Dozen Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme for Hero Appreciation Day, April 28

Of all the many, many, many guilty pleasures available to Americans (did we mention there are many?), perhaps none is more widely loved nor more guilty than the Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. So hot, so moist, so gooey...

What were we talking about? Right! Heroes!

Heroes are another (less guilty) love of Americans, and on April 28, our guiltiest pleasure and our proudest come together in one delicious smorgasbord of free gooey goodness.

Sunday, April 28, is National Superhero Day. We all know real heroes don't wear capes or costumes. They wear uniforms, badges, or even cowboy hats. They run towards explosions and into danger.

We should all show the heroes in our lives how much we appreciate them. Krispy Kreme is doing just that in the best way available to it -- the glazed way.

"Krispy Kreme wants to help its fans recognize and reward the unheralded heroes who live in our communities and serve the public as police officers, firefighters, military, teachers, doctors, volunteers, and many more," says Dwayne Chambers, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

Download a Krispy Kreme Hero Appreciation Day coupon at HeroAppreciationDay.com and bring it into any participating Krispy Kreme locations on Sunday. You will get a free dozen glazed doughnuts with the purchase of a dozen.

Take them to the VFW, a firehouse, your local police precinct -- hand them to anyone you see in a uniform and say, "Thank you for your service." Or just bring them to the heroes you know in your own life, like the teachers at your child's school.

Spread the idea with a sweet tweet @KrispyKreme on Twitter with the hashtag, #heroappreciationday.

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