Free Food

Free Food for Kids on Sundays at Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Cuisine in Mizner Park

The kid who refuses to eat: Every family has one. (Or a few, if you're lucky.) The chicken sits on the plate, picked at until it gets cold and inedible. Pieces of meatloaf are surreptitiously fed to the family dog at every turn. Vegetables? Forget about it.

If this sounds like your life, taking the kids to a restaurant may seem like a losing proposition. Pay for a child's meal that will spend more time being pushed around the plate than in the kid's stomach? No thanks. Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Cuisine in Mizner Park has a partial solution to the problem.

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All day on Sundays, Uncle Julio's will serve up a free kid's entree with the purchase of an adult entree. The kid's menu includes picky-child-friendly fare like cheese-stuffed enchilada, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, chicken tacos, and fajitas.

The deal is good for kids ages 12 years and younger and it applies for dine-in only. The deal will continue at least through the end of March (and possibly continue into the spring). That little bit of savings gives you wiggle room to spring for one of the restaurant's swirl margaritas, a necessary reward for surviving a trip out to a restaurant with a fussy eater.

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Tricia Woolfenden