Free Food! Free Wings, Mozzarella Sticks or Cheese Fries at Davie Quarterdeck

First thing first: It's not technically free. In order to partake in a free plate of wings, mozzarella sticks, or cheese fries at Quarterdeck in Davie, you have to order a pitcher of beer. But let's be honest: Almost any "free" buffet in town has the same unwritten rule. Most places aren't kind (or dumb) enough to just let anyone off the street walk in, order a tall glass of ice water with extra lemon, and chow down on the buffet all night. They expect you to enjoy a drink or two, and at Quarterdeck that's exactly what you'll do. Every Monday, order any regular-priced pitcher of beer and they'll bring you out one of the three appetizers to help line your stomach while you play some pool, watch the game, sit on your laptop and leech their free Wi-fi, or stare blankly at a fish tank for hours on end. It's much more entertaining than it sounds, especially after a couple of pitchers.

The Davie Quarterdeck is located at 3155 S. University Dr.

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