Free Food This Sunday at Pollo Tropical In Honor of National Parents' Day

Parents tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to culinary pursuits, whether they're dining at home or out and about. They suffer the stink-eye from diners and servers alike at sit-down restaurants when they've got their brood in tow. More often than not, "dinner" consists of the cold, slightly gnawed-on scraps of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese left on a fussy toddler's plate.

Pollo Tropical -- which never misses a chance to capitalize on a golden marketing opportunity -- recognizes this dynamic. They'll hand out free and discounted food in honor of frazzled parents everywhere this Sunday.

In recognition of National Parents' Day -- July 22 -- Pollo Tropical customers who text "PARENT" to 52198 will get $2 off any "Create Your Own Family Meal" at any company-owned Pollo Tropical in Florida and Georgia. In addition, the company will select one texter each hour to receive a free family meal, which comes with a whole grilled chicken, rolls, and whatever sides you choose, like beans and rice, yellow rice with veggies, and yuca with garlic sauce. The $2-off deal is good only on Sunday. Depending on your carrier and plan, text charges may apply.

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