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Free Week of Personal Training With Purchase of a Healthy Meal at Rapoport Restaurant Group's Restaurants

Generally, people who are into working out also eat well because they don't want to mess up all the hard work with extra calories. (Although we all know that someone who works out for the sole purpose of inhaling chocolate cake on a regular basis.) 

But eating healthy at a restaurant can be a trying endeavor. Butter, salt, sugar and fat are delicious, and it's a buzzkill to order a salad without dressing when there are pages of decadent dishes tempting you on a menu.

However, many restaurants have started to see the error of their fatty ways and are now beginning to offer menu items that are specially designed to be health conscious and great-tasting. Rapoport's Restaurant Group has jumped on the healthy bandwagon, but is taking it a step further by combining healthy fare with free personal training.

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Starting last week, the Rapoport's Restaurant Group starting the "Eat Well. Be Well." menu at Henry's, Bogart's Bar & Grille, and Deck 84.

The menu will consist of five menu items ranging between 452 and 520 calories, designed by Henry's Executive Chef Ben Burger. The menu will provide each item's nutritional content.

The menu was designed to keep up with trends in customer demand. According to Burt Rapoport, "I saw how people kept ordering meals with sauce on side, no starch, and extra veggies. Henry's has a bit of an older crowd, so I could understand it there, but I kept seeing the same thing with ordering at Deck 84 and Bogart's. I eat healthy myself. I've been ahead of the curve, because I saw this was the way to go. A guy working at my gym suggested a nutritionist. we took the menu from there."

To pump up the health factor, for a limited time, each of the restaurants will be offering personal training vouchers for guests who order from the new health-conscious menu. Good for one week at The Facility for Personal Training in Boca Raton, the certificate includes a body mass index and fitness evaluation, which normally goes for 300 bucks. 

According to Gary Baldassarre from The Facility for Personal Training, "It is a 'Workout' Week. If they are going to train two times per week, they get two times free. if they are going to train three times, or even four times, thats how many free they would get. We have clients training anywhere from once a week to six times each week. We simply 'match' whatever they are intending to do. Most often they take two, and then sign a contract (The comps precede any paperwork, or commitment) and when they request a third or fourth we never say 'no'."

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