Fried Kool-Aid balls
Fried Kool-Aid balls
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Fried Kool-Aid Balls: Coming to a Fair Near You?

​Move over, Mr. Kool-Aid mascot. There's a new Kool-Aid man around. 

His name is Charlie Boghosian, creator of the recently famous fried Kool-Aid balls that debuted at the San Diego County Fair this past weekend.

But how, exactly, do you fry a liquid? 

Well, it's no secret when you're using powdered drink mix. 

Boghosian, owner of the Chicken Charlie's fried-food cart currently stationed at the San Diego County Fair, makes his batter with just three ingredients: cherry-flavored Kool-Aid drink powder, flour, and water. Then he drops the diabetes-inducing deliciousness into a pool of boiling oil, et voila, the latest fried fair treat he's since dubbed simply "Kool-Aid balls."

Really nothing more than a supersugary doughnut hole, these bright-red treats are reportedly selling like deep-fried hot cakes at county fairs throughout the South since making a debut at Boghosian's truck in California.

Interested in sampling some for yourself? No luck for us SoFlas. You'll probably have to wait another five months for a taste of these one-of-a-kind balls when the Broward County Fair starts in November.

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