From Korea Town to Caribbean Row, Explore Local Food Neighborhoods

Our annual food guide, Taste, hits newsstands Thursday, February 19. In this year's issue, you'll find guides to local food neighborhoods; interviews with local coffee roasters, chefs, and chocolatiers; and a handy roundup of South Florida's breweries. Readers of Clean Plate Charlie don't have to wait. Here's a sneak peek from 2015's Taste Guide, and you can follow this link to see other Taste Guide posts you may have missed.

There's a common misperception in Broward County that there is a lack of ethnic food. That idea most frequently comes from big-city transplants, but we have to break it to the haters: That notion is just not true. How could it be? In an area filled with newcomers and expats, of course there are going to be pockets of cultural fare spread throughout the area.

The 2010 Census determined that 32 percent of Broward County residents are foreign-born. We have inhabitants from Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Ireland, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and almost every other country on the planet.

We may not have a Chinatown on the scale you'll find in, say, San Francisco, London, or Toronto. And we may not house a Little Italy as you'd find in Manhattan. But we have areas that specialize in different kinds of food from far-flung parts of the planet. From Korea Town in Lauderhill and a Little Vietnam in Lauderdale Lakes to Caribbean fare along 441, here's a guide to finding global cuisine in Broward County.

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Sara Ventiera