Fruit Ninja Live: Now With Horses and Flying Kittens (Video)

Chances are,  you've got Fruit Ninja on your smart phone. This thoroughly addictive game is just as amazing as Angry Birds - and less frustrating.

The rules are simple -- you're a ninja and, for some reason, you're pissed off at fruit so you spend your time hacking away at bananas, oranges, and pomegranates.

The game's popularity is probably because of the whole ninja thing because, let's face it. After gladiator, a ninja is about the coolest profession you could ever have.

But what does it take to be a real fruit ninja? Well, it takes years of

training in knife skills, horse riding ability, and a lot of fruit salad

to consume (you've got to do something with all those sliced bananas)!

Behold, this amazing video, created by Scott DW,  that brings Fruit Ninja to life. This video's got everything you could ask for:  Horses! Ninjas! Samurais! Fruit! Bombs! Flying kittens!

Yes...we did say flying kittens. Watch for yourself and behold the awesome powers of the fruit ninja.

And here's the even more awesome "making of" video, which gives us the inside scoop on how to make fruit (and kittens) fly!

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