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FruitFlowers Creates Personalized Baskets For All Occassions

Opened in 1984 and celebrating its 30th birthday this year, FruitFlowers has built on the idea of using fruit to create personalized arrangements for all special occasions. The company has opened delivery locations throughout the United States, including South Florida.

FruitFlowers began making fruit flowers for fun, eventually turning it into a business that now caters to all special events, personalizing fruit baskets for any occasion. Baskets have been made for sporting events, anniversaries, holiday parties and religious occasions. Signature arrangements can also be tailored to allergic needs or custom-made to only include requested fruits.

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"We customize pieces all the time, for all occasions--it's part of what makes our job so fun," said Meena Sareen of FruitFlowers.

The personalized baskets are prepared at a production facility in Fort Lauderdale. There, the arrangements are made using fresh seasonal fruit and then delivered to the tri-county area for $13.95. With plans to move to a more retail-oriented location, there is a possibility for classes to be offered in the future on how to make fruit baskets at home.

Special customization requests on orders are also available. In the past, chocolate-covered strawberries were personalized with a tuxedo chocolate covering for a wedding; pineapple airplanes were cut out for a travel agent's arrangement; a sports star's basket arrangement included his number. All special orders requested that have never been done before are first tried out and perfected before being fulfilled.

"Basically, if a customer has an idea they would like to see, we work with them to see how we can make it happen," Sareen said. "And I think that really is at the heart of what makes us unique."

To shop at FruitFlowers, visit or call 954-568-7089.

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