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Fundraiser for Talia Bennardo Tomorrow in Delray Beach

This is a story about matchmaking; matching a donor with a recipient, matching a cause with a champion, and matching two people who each turned out to be just what the other needed most. Talia Bennardo and Terri Price are a match made in heaven, though they've never met.

Terri works at Priceless Marketing in Boca Raton. She enjoys her work, she's good at it, but not too long ago she began to feel like she needed to do more. Not too long ago, Talia was a Boca Raton middle school student, the namesake of her family's restaurant, on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.

Around May, both the woman and the girl found the matches they were looking for. Talia got her new kidneys and Terri found in Talia the cause - the something "more" - she'd been looking for. This Saturday, Terri and Talia will meet for the first time at the gala fundraiser Terri has organized to help the Bennardo's pay for Talia's ongoing medical bills.

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