Funky Buddha Lounge Expands Brewery to Oakland Park

The Funky Buddha Lounge, the Boca Raton brewpub and hookah bar known for its speakeasy vibe, announced Friday that it will expand its brewing operation to Oakland Park.

Part of a vision for a new culinary arts district in Oakland Park, the new brewery will reside in an 18,000-square-foot building in the heart of the district. The city hopes to also lure a culinary school to the area and develop a market with vendors in stalls selling cheeses, produce, and more.

The building has an area of just under half an acre and could be compared to the size of a small mansion. The large space ensures room for growth.

And, like a kid graduating to a bigger model rocket set, the Funky Buddha is moving up to a 30-barrel system for brewing beer, thus churning out more local craft beer through its spouts. It will still keep its humble 1.5 barrel system, of course. Even before the location was secured, all of the brewing equipment was purchased. The plan is to start brewing at the new location by early 2013, according to the Funky Buddha's blog.

Maybe we can get a line routed directly to the kitchen faucet.

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