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Georgie's Alibi Burger Maestro to Debut Bites GastroTruck

Big news for the food truck scene: Ron Kerr, the chef at Georgie's Alibi who has won the Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle for two years running -- is poised to debut his very own food truck, Bites GastroTruck. Kerr was convinced to start a food truck by BurgerBeast Sef Gonzalez.

As of this morning, Kerr said he's waiting on a generator,

a holdup that's the result of Hurricane

Irene. Kerr says he will inform Clean Plate Charlie as soon as he secures it, since it will allow for his launch. 

Bites GastroTruck will serve burgers from a

flat-top grill for $7.50, which includes a selection of toppings.

Additional items such as a fried egg or fancy bacon will be a dollar

extra. Kerr is planning on selling profiteroles, much like the goat-cheese and honey-glazed version he made at New Times Pairings for Alibi

Catering. Prices are in the works.

Why burgers on a flat-top rather than a grill? "I

have to think about how long it takes to make a burger," said Kerr.

"For execution purposes, it's faster. People don't want to be standing

around waiting for burgers on the grill," he said. Every order will be

two four-ounce patties on a challah bun.

Beef will remain the

Creekstone 100 percent chuck that he picks up every morning, freshly ground at K&G Brothers. "It's the best I can find," he said. It's also what

he's been using at Georgie's Alibi.

What's the perfect burger

for a burger maestro? "It has to be served medium," he said. And the

ratio of bread to meat has to be right. "Less bread than meat," he said,

"so it holds the sandwich together and is dense enough to soak up the

juice." It's why he's opted for challah bread rather than brioche, which

he says doesn't hold up as well. As for the puddle on the plate

that's often the result of a juicy burger? "Absolutely not. That's where

the flavor is."

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