Get a Taste of Odd Breed Wild Ales With Barrel of Monks Collaboration

Odd Breed Wild Ales is the latest brewery to hit the block, taking up residence in the rejuvenated downtown environs of Pompano Beach's Old Town Pompano.

The project is being spearheaded by Brewzzi brewing veteran Matt Manthe and the Sybarite Pig's Daniel Naumko with an aim to bring sour and "wild fermented" beers to prominence in South Florida. Manthe will be utilizing the new space in Pompano to create and focus on blending and aging beer. He'll be taking what's called contract wort (an unfermented sugary malt liquid) and fermenting it using mixed cultures of wild yeast and bacteria, then aging it in wooden barrels.  (If any of that sounds confusing, you can read all about it here.)

But before that 2,500-square-foot facility is up and running, those seeking to sample from the wild side will need to find Odd Breed in action, whether it's at beer festivals, private tastings, or, as is the case here, as part of a collaboration release with another brewery.

"We’ll be releasing our first collaborative beer with Barrel of Monks sometime mid-July at their brewery," Naumko said of this inaugural brew. Odd Breed teamed up with the Boca Raton-based brewery to produce a wild witbier called Barrel of Funk, which was aged in chardonnay barrels for six months and finally bottle conditioned for three more.

As the label describes, it has "firm acidity with soft yet nuanced layers of Brettanomyces funk mingle[d] with notes of citrus and tropical fruit. A touch of coriander and Florida orange peel are faintly present before leading to a dry, oily, tannic, and tart finish."

Bottles and draft of this beer will be released July 21. Get ready to get funky.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.