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Get Paid to Lose Weight? That's the Idea at

We're solidly into the new year, so perhaps you've already tossed aside those overreaching resolutions that were made after a month (months?) of booze-fueled dessert debauchery and nights on the town charged to a credit card with a billion percent interest rate.

But what if there were a way you could tackle two enduring resolutions -- to lose weight and get back on financial track -- at once? Could there really be a can't-fail diet plan that speaks to South Floridians' dual love of hot bodies and quick cash? promises just that; sort of. The brainchild of West Palm Beach-based marketing company Weight Free, is seeking volunteers who want to earn some extra dough while shunning carbs. And/or sugar, alcohol, gluten, and whatever else is the current dietary persona non grata. They promise to do this at no cost to you, the participant.

Here's how it supposedly works:

Essentially the program offers to pay selected participants an

as-of-yet-undetermined sum to lose weight. Already sensing the internet's collective skepticism (ahem, I am still waiting for that

Nigerian diplomat to deposit my cut of his inheritance into my checking

account), takes great pains to assure potential enrollees

that this thing is legit.

According to WeightFree, the website will derive funding through ads

and sponsorships, a cut of which will be given to participants based on

how well they do at shaping up. The payout will be directly connected to

the decrease in your body mass index (BMI). As of now, there is no

specific percentage or formula given for how much money we're talking;

could be $5 per BMI unit or it could be $50; who knows? No specific

figures have been volunteered as of yet.

Users don't have to buy any products or sign up for any services to play

the game, but like most websites that generate revenue through ad

sales, is hoping you'll be eagerly clicking on links and

showing a little love to their partners. Fair enough.

You can register to participate (and get updates on the program as

details are ironed out) by filling out a brief registration form

directly at the source. There, you'll put in basic info like your full

name, age, and education. Strangely, your weight and height are of

no relevance at this stage of the game.

Though registration is open now, the program doesn't begin until


The cons: If the program fails to generate a profit, participants will be forced

to settle for the payoff of healthier bodies, lowered risk of numerous

health concerns, and (hopefully) recharged outlooks on life. Oh, wait...

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