Get Ready for Shula Burger

Get Ready for Shula Burger

Look around -- do you sense a shortage of hamburger joints? Didn't think so. Into this burger-besotted market, Don Shula strides, head high. "If you like our steaks" -- and many do! -- "you'll flip for our burgers!"

That's the Shula Burger slogan. "Coming soon" is the only other message.

Don Shula is going gourmet/casual with his entry into the crowded burger rodeo. He says he expects to

open 100 Shula Burger franchises in the next half--decade.

In addition to gourmet burgers, expect a build-your own burger menu as well as salads, chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers.

"We've been working on Shula Burger for two years," says Shula. "We think that this will be a highly successful concept."

Hey, isn't that exactly what they said at the launch of Wombat Burger? Even with the whole "Monday Marsupial Madness" concept, which seemed so right for this generation, the idea was ahead of the times. Sad, really.

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