Gimme a Burger Offers New, Homemade Vegan Bites and Meatless Monday Discount

Burger joints aren't usually a bastion of vegan eating. For, um, obvious reasons. And sometimes even requesting that a burger place offer a meatless option can bring a world of hurt (I should know).

But Gimme a Burger is a chain that's all aboard the inclusivity train. In addition to two vegan burger options, the company just launched new Vegan Bites, six bite-sized nibbles made with quinoa, sweet potato, black beans, corn, red onion, and spices.

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They have two locations, one in Pembroke Pines and one in Deerfield Beach. Both are rolling out the new option.

So why offer vegan options at a burger joint?

"We wanted our place to be welcoming to everyone, so we serve something to appeal to every taste and budget, which means the whole family can come out and enjoy the experience," says co-owner Serhad Oktay.

"Our vegan options are part of our overall tilt to lighter and healthier choices that includes our vegan options as well as chicken options and our Caribbean Jerk Turkey burger and our bison burger, which has less fat and calories than chicken."

For $4.95, diners can get the vegan bites on a bed of lettuce with choice of dipping sauces (or in a flatbread wrap for $7.45). Plus, every Monday they offer a $3 discount off the Veganator (white beans, onions, carrots, parsley plus spices with a touch of sriracha) or Falafel burger (ground chickpeas, garlic, onion, cilantro, and herbs/spices, served with Tahini sauce on the side) Combo Meal -- two other plant-based options on the permanent menu.

According to Oktay, people are digging the vegan options.

"When we first started, our vegan options weren't big sellers, but we stuck with it thanks to the loyal customers that kept coming back. Over time, thanks to these customers and word of mouth, our vegan menu has become quite popular due to the fact they are made in-house with our original recipes and they taste great," Oktay adds.

"Thanks to the demand, we are now testing our latest vegan creation as this month's special and may possibly add it to our permanent menu."

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