Gospel Brunch at B.B. King's Starts Sunday

There's something cheerfully transgressive about soul food. It's the high-caloric, high-carb fodder that lent (at least two of) the Dixie Chicks their political chutzpah and fueled Faulkner's dirty mind. Like Abisinthe for the Bible Belt, soul food is the nutritionist's nightmare, addictively tasty stuff of legend, popularized and even promoted by Southern culture legends like the great BB King.

There aren't many waifish, navel-gazing models or holier-than-thou

organic types chowing on the stuff -- at least in public, and BB King's

of West Palm Beach isn't really branding itself for the granola bunch.

Salty, sizzling, buttery indulgence can't be consumed with dainty

nibbles. Aside from the posted "no backwards hats" dress code, BB King's

West Palm invites you to come as you are.

The fifth and newest franchise

of BB King's, a destination for old-school blues and Southern fried food

porn, has copied the format long popularized by House of Blues and is launching a gospel brunch this Sunday.

(Although, be warned: the restaurant has alternately told us that the 21st, then then the 28th, then the 21st again, would be the first brunch date. May want to call to confirm before you go.)

Happy, chowing backsliding saints and sheepish, diet-cheating sinners

can sample BB King's regular menu (which features the usual suspects of

BBQ and fried fare, plus a healthy selection of salads and sandwiches

and a raw seafood bar), or the Gospel Brunch offerings (still being

finalized but should include a breakfast buffet, a vast waffle bar and

omelet bar, and $2 Mimosas and $5 Bloody Marys). Gospel

brunch participants should expect lots of loud, boisterous singing from a

gospel choir. Sin and get saved all in one go from November 28th and every Sunday onward.

The new B.B. King's is located in City Place: check the map below. Call for reservations at 561-420-8600

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