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Gran Forno Bakery on Las Olas is Aromatic Bliss

Here's what New Times wrote about Gran Forno Bakery in our 2001 Best Of Issue:

To find Gran Forno, you could look for the storefront window that

displays bakers at work, or you could simply close your eyes (mind your

step) and follow your nose. The smell of bread, savory with rosemary,

wafts to the street. On weekends Gran Forno is crowded and clubby.

Regulars gather in tennis togs to consult maps for their upcoming trip

to Tuscany while the owners chime in with advice. Not surprisingly the

focaccia, pastries, and biscotti are all excellent, but the best thing

about this authentic, family-owned bakery is the way it continually

pulls off the unexpected. At Thanksgiving, for example, Gran Forno's

beautiful pumpkin pies no doubt upstage many a turkey. And this being

Florida, the bakery also makes a key lime tartlet that, while generous,

might still be a tad too small (and too delicious) to share.

After all these years, Gran Forno is still going strong. For a glimpse behind the scenes at the iconic bakery, check out our new slideshow.

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John Linn