Greek Festival in Fort Lauderdale This Weekend

Has the economy got you so strapped for cash that you skipped your trip to the Mediterranean? There, you imagined strolling around the streets of Athens, grubbing on street food like souvlaki, meat on a stick with veggies rolled in a pita and slathered with yogurt sauce, but instead, you are home hanging out on the couch with your dog.

Lucky for you, Flavors of Greece is going on this weekend.

Flavors is an authentic Greek food- and winetasting event put on by St. Demetrios Church in Fort Lauderdale. The event has free admission and is set up under a taverna-inspired tent outside St. Demetrios all day Saturday and Sunday.

"It's a Greek experience in a capsule," says Jim Carras, Flavors of Greece coordinator. The two-day event focuses on serving an authentic, tasty, yet affordable food and winetasting. Dinner entrées are available, but for a better bang for your buck and a variety of flavors for your palate, try the mezedes option, appetizers at $3 to $10 per item. You won't need a big fat Greek wallet to feed your appetite and to send your taste buds on a Mediterranean vacation.

From the menu, go for the spankopita, spinach pie; saganaki, fried cheese; dolmades, stuffed grape leaves; and those yummy loukoumades for dessert, and sip on frappe for a caffeinated jolt. Wanna learn about Greek wines, how to make them, and why the ancient Greeks worshiped Dionysus? A Greek wine expert is giving a seminar covering everything from wine-making history to mythology around the goodness of the Greek grape.

The wine seminar runs both Saturday and Sunday and costs $15 a person, which includes a winetasting and plenty of food pairings. With all the wine and ouzo flowing, plus tasty treats, you'll want to say, "Opa!" But watch out in indulging too much with the ouzo or you'll get a big fat Greek hangover.

When: Saturday, October 9, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday, October 10, noon to 8 p.m.
Where: St. Demetrios Church, 815 NE 15th Ave., Fort Lauderdale
Cost: Free admission and parking
Wine Seminar & Food Pairing: $15 per person

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