Green Bar Kitchen Kicking Off Group Cleanse; First Meeting January 5th

Green Bar Kitchen Kicking Off Group Cleanse; First Meeting January 5th

The new year is here, which means the annual tradition of bemoaning holiday overindulgence has probably started in your household. WHY OH WHY did I eat that fruitcake? Did I really need to drink a whole gallon of eggnog? How could mom let me raid her butter cookie stash?

Regrets, however, are entirely pointless. Instead of feeling guilty, now's the time to start fresh with a new routine. That's the idea behind Green Bar Kitchen's seven-day group cleanse, kicking off on January 12th. If you're interested in learning more about the collective effort, you can attend GBK's information meeting on Monday, January 5th at 7 p.m.

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The cleanse (which will be offered monthly from January on) will last seven days, and will primarily consist of Purium's organic, raw, vegan, superfood power shakes that can be delivered door-to-door. The process will be guided by Kinsey Van Druten, GBK's Nutrition Consultant and Culinary Nutrition Expert.

But do you really need to detox? Can't you just cut back on the cookies for awhile?

"One thing I try to teach is that detoxing, if and only if done correctly, is great for anyone who is feeling off, needing a reboot or showing some of the classic toxic overload symptoms such as skin issues, bloating, constipation, headaches or insomnia (to name a few)," explains Van Druten. "Or maybe just looking to give your body a rest, drop a little weight and break some bad habits."

"The cleanse is provided to you with all the things you will need from waking up until going to bed! No recipes to make unless one feels like they absolutely need a burger or else they're giving up," Van Druten adds.

Participants are allowed flex foods, if they feel like they need them. Recipes for making almond milk, veggie broth and other healthy items are included in the GBK detox e-book that detoxers will be given when they sign up. Participants will also receive a sample detoxing calendar, how-to guides for skin brushing, oil pulling and other rituals, and other swag.

The idea of a group cleanse was designed to help people stay on track as a team, including a Facebook group to help participants keep in touch and stay motivated.

"A lot of people just jump into detoxing alone because they hear it's 'good' or think it's the latest trend," Van Druten says. This cleanse, however is all about teamwork and information, so participants won't feel lost or confused. Van Druten will answer any and all burning questions about detoxing at the January 5th meeting, so that's a good place to start if you're cleanse curious.

The January 5th meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Green Bar Kitchen, 1075 Southeast 17th Street, and it's free to attend. The cleanse itself kicks off on Monday, January 12th. You can check out all the details on their website.

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