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Grill Grrrl Grilling Clinic Scheduled for December 3 in Pompano Beach

Robyn Lindars, a Clean Plate Charlie contributor also known by the handle "Grill Grrrl," recognizes how intimidating the grill can be for novices, including women who may traditionally cede that territory to the males in their lives. In fact, Lindars first got into the grilling game professionally after attempting to use her husband's propane grill and encountering a minor hitch. A faulty starter led to a "propane poof," and Lindars thought: "Screw this. I'm getting a new grill."

"I fell in love with [grilling]," Lindars said of using the top-of-the-line grill she purchased.

That passion led to a food blog and eventually to Lindars' organizing a series of women-only grilling clinics. The next clinic is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, and registration -- limited to 15 participants -- is open. The timing of the clinic gives students some time to put newfound skills to use in the holiday cooking realm -- especially useful for those stuck in a perpetual "green-bean casserole is my go-to side dish" hell.

Lindars is an advocate of preparing entire meals on the grill, owing to the relative ease and social aspect of the cooking method.

"Grilling is supereasy, and in South Florida, it's year-round," Lindars said. "You get to spend time outside, and it's a family-friendly activity... There's less cleanup than in kitchen cooking."

Her three-hour grilling clinic on December 3 will give a rundown of all of the grilling basics, from lighting various types of grills -- without singeing your eyebrows -- to how to properly use a meat thermometer and the nuances of direct versus indirect heat. Lindars also covers everything from appetizers to the main course and even the drinks.

"I do a grilled lemonade with grilled citrus and then add the vodka," Lindars said.

The cost for the clinic is $35. Participants can enjoy free beer or bring wine or other cocktails to sip during the demo and meal. The class is 3 to 6 p.m. at Culinary Concepts, 540 S. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach. Register for the Grill Grrrl clinic online.

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