Guess Where We're Eating!?
Dori Zinn

Guess Where We're Eating!?

I opened the menu as if I were reviewing a foreign document.

"Is this... Cow skin?" I asked.

After a brief pause, I got an answer. "No part of the cow goes to waste, ma'am," my server said.

And he was right. The menu covers at this new downtown Fort Lauderdale joint are made out of cow skin. However, it's the other part of the cow that have brought in the masses. The certified angus beef part.

After opening in November, one of the newest neighbors on the block serves up more than 30 different craft beers and a dozen different burgers to choose from, some even named after local celebrities and athletes.

Post your answers as a comment. We'll send a New Times prize pack to the first person who guesses correctly.

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