Half-Priced Cupcakes? We Are So There

Half-Priced Cupcakes? We Are So There

Who doesn't love cupcakes? A wise man once said, "A cupcake a day keeps the wombats away," and there are no wombats around, so it must be working.

This vittle-centric blog and the Sweeter Days Bake Shop have teamed up to bring forth an incredible deal: $9 for a half-dozen instead of the usual $18. 

Surrender thy e-mail address and get in on the goodness here. With two dozen kinds of cakes (including red velvet, key lime, and Boston cream), it won't be easy to stop at just six.

The great Cupcake Revolution is upon us, brothers and sisters, and it would be in thy best interests to join now, lest you be mowed down in the path of progress.

To wit:

Sweeter Days (as it should) operates under The Cupcake Manifesto (cue patriotic string section):

"Our mission is to produce delicious and innovative cupcakes, cakes and cookies in a creative and exciting environment that inspires celebration and memories."

Grab your tins, grease 'em up, load up the liners. Aluminum or paper? 

Your choice, comrade.

In a battle as important at this, one has no choice but to take up arms. 

And sprinkles.


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