Hanson to Make Beer? Ten Other Celebrity Booze Endorsements

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Remember the Hanson song "MMMbop"? Sure, it was stupid, and you weren't sure whether the kids singing it were pretty girls or extremely pretty boys, but it sure was catchy.

Unfortunately puberty kicked in, and the Hanson boys (yes, they were boys) disappeared. 

Well, they're back. And, apparently making beer. According to thestar.com, while addressing Oxford University Union, the guys let it slip that they were making MMMhop IPA beer.

Still not sure whether they were joking, but we'll soon see,

since the IPA is supposed to be released in early 2012 -- if it's

released at all. 

Not that Hanson will be the first celebrities to endorse alcohol. We found

ten celebrity booze endorsements -- some legit, some just plain wacky.

Now, all we need is some ice.

10. Dan Aykroyd - Crystal Head Vodka
Dan Aykroyd, like other celebrities, decided to make vodka. Then he decided to bottle it in a crystal skull. Then he decided to share with us the secrets of the universe (which apparently involve ghosts, ecotoplasm, alien bodies found at Roswell, and other crystal skulls). Which makes us wonder... what the hell is in that vodka?

9.  Sammy Hagar - Cabo Wabo Tequila
Van Halen second fiddle Sammy Hagar is obviously one party dude. When he decided to go into the tequila business, we weren't shocked. After all, if you drink in mass quantities, it's best to buy the company. We're talking major employee discount.

8. Ron Jeremy - Ron De Jeremy Rum
The hedgehog has his own rum line. Directly competing with Captain Morgan, Jeremy quips, "the Captain has one leg... Ron De Jeremy has three legs."  You'll laugh in 3... 2... 1... (See?)

7. Bruce Willis - Seagrams Wine Cooler

Bruce Willis tries to pick up Sharon Stone in a bar. With a wine cooler. Did humans actually evolve this much in only a few decades?

6. Justin Timberlake - 901 Tequila
Apparently 901 Tequila is named for 9:01 -- when Timberlake's night gets started. Next branding option? 911 Vodka. For when your ex Brit-Brit shows up for the party.

5. P. Diddy - Ciroc Vodka

Pure vodka. Pure douchebag.

4. Jackie Moon - Bud Light

Bud Light refreshes the palate and the loins. Suck one. Love you, Jackie Moon!

3. Donald Trump - Trump Vodka

Got a hangover? Forget hair of the dog... you want hair of the Donald. Trump Vodka. Because you're the 1 percent.

2. Bettheny Frankel - Skinny Girl Margaritas

Real Housewife alum Bettheny Frankel shows us how to make a skinny girl margarita, which consists of throwing lime juice, tequila, and Grand Marnier in a glass. If that's too difficult (and it is if you're a Real Housewife), ask your servant to make one for you.

1. Jimmy Buffett - Margaritaville Tequila and Landshark Beer
The man. The song. The drink.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.