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Heads Up: Boca Raton Wine And Food Festival Today and Sunday

One gastronomical gathering worth attending tonight and tomorrow is the Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival. The three-day culinary affair kicked off Friday night with a fancy four-course sit down dinner. And tonight's grand tasting is a ticket to tastebud journey like no other.

Sunday will wind down with a host of events from demos to food fun surprises.

Now in its fourth year, event organizers Robert Stanfield and Russell Spadaccini claim this fest is the largest outdoor culinary shindig of its kind in South Florida. While that's a high claim, what Clean Plate Charlie can tell you is that this affair is like no other food festival.

Firstly, the organizers intend to not only please attendees palates but also educate everyone on various topics. A bee keeper hailing from North Florida will give an interactive lesson on endangered bees and how honey is made. For those out of the loop, bees serve a vital role in the world's ecosystem.

Also, on the informative checklist will be of course, wine tasting, but not your typical sip and spit occasion. The organizers have created a sensory garden filled with crops like cocoa and sage, for guests to sniff and see what goes into wine making other than grapes. Sommeliers will, of course, accompany tasters and give first hand knowledge on flavors and such.

Boutique chefs and restauranteurs as well as boutique wine sellers are behind the event, so unique offerings are on the menu.

"We have an entire farmer's maker set up to teach people how to grow food and make an urban garden for condo dwellers," says Robert Stanfield.

To set an international atmosphere, the festival is divide up into regions from around the world. Each region is decorated with authentic touches, so festivalgoers can stroll about and feel as though they've escaped South Florida.

While fancy foods isn't for everyone, and that's OK, this weekend's gathering has something for those with discerning palates to those who simply adore home cook-style dishes. The event lineup is provided below. Cheers!

2013 Festival Schedule

Saturday, Nov. 9

Grand Tasting, A Culinary Affair, 6 to 10 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 10

Jazz Bubbles and Brunch, A Social Affair, noon to 3 p.m.

The Fourth Annual Boca Raton Wine and Food Festival is held at Boca Corporate Center and Campus, 5000 T-Rex Avenue. Ticket costs vary per event. Visit here for additional information.

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