Health Inspectors Find Rodent Droppings, Mold and a Runaway Radish

What does this column and roadkill have in common? They're both gross yet you can't stop looking at it. We know that all this talk of rodents, slime, mold and roaches is a little weird but we do the work so you don't have to. The Florida Department of Business and Regulation found a few suspect things in restaurants including rodent droppings, live roaches and a radish gone rogue. The offenders are:



Chef Alfredo's

 8221 Lake Worth Road

Lake Worth, FL 33467

An inspection on 1/25/2011 found dead roaches on premises, live roaches behind a speed rack and a cutting board. The inspection also found small flying insects by the drainboard. Inspectors found a piece of bread or pita with mold on it and a radish hiding in the flour. Weirder still, the rest of the radishes were hanging out in a container inside the hand sink.

Mr. Ceviche

2640 N University Drive

Sunrise, FL 33322

An inspection on 1/25/2011  found slime in the sink, raw meat stored with vegetables and non-exempt fish being served without having it cooked first.  Non-exempt fish can't be served raw, by the way.

Pollo Tropical

5720 Wiles Road

Coral Springs, FL 33067

An inspection on 1/28/2011 found 15 rodent droppings near a corner bench in the dining room.

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