Help Name BC Taco's Caveman; Vote for One of These Five Finalists by April 11

Help Name BC Taco's Caveman; Vote for One of These Five Finalists by April 11

You've seen him before on the side of the BC Tacos food truck and seen him at the BC Cafe -- but did you realize that that poor caveman never had a name?

Scandalous, really, but finally BC Tacos' owner, Brett Chiavari, is prepared to give his adorable, neanderthal mascot a title -- because even a caveman gets annoyed at being referred to as "buddy" and "pal" forever.

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Chiavari asked fans of the restaurant to submit suggestions for the Fred Flintstone wannabe, and the response was overwhelming.

"We had hundreds of submissions for different names over the last week through social media," he says.

The restaurateur was looking for names that were creative and well-thought-out. After much contemplation, Chiavari has whittled it down to five possibilities and is asking you to make the final call by voting for your favorite name.

Here are the choices:


Gunther (a mashup of Hunter and Gatherer)

Rock E. Taco

Trog (short for Troglodyte)


So what's the favorite so far?

Chiavari confides,"One of my personal favorites is Trog, which was submitted by one of our fans, Marsha. She explained that it was short for Troglodyte, which is another word for caveman. Another one I liked was Gunther, which was submitted by Josh. His theory was it sounds like two of our most popular tacos, the Gatherer (fried avocado) and the Hunter (steak taco), put together. It's just fun to see that people are really taking this seriously and really putting thought into it."

To name this poor guy already, go to or tweet your pick to @BCTaco with the hashtag #namethecaveman. Voting ends Friday, April 11.

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