Help Wanted: The (Restaurant) World According to Craigslist

​​Restaurants are already gearing up for fall, as the trickle of tourists is destined to become a flood when the temperature drops up north. Good ol' Craigslist tells us what's slated to open, which restaurants are touting their own hotness, and a few other tidbits. . . .

  • After the fallout following the Scott Rothstein ponzi scheme, Tony and Laurie Bova got their mojo back with the opening of Vivo Partenza; now they're opening Mario's Osteria in the former McCormick and Schmick's location in Boca. They're looking for a bad ass with five plus years of experience:"Applicant must be hands-on, hard working and able to oversee entire kitchen staff. . ." as well as a laundry list of other requirements. 

  • A

    small plates, 30-seat restaurant in Wilton Manors is looking for

a very

specific type of line cook:"While we are not a 'gay bar,' we are located

in a predominantly gay area and the rest of our staff is gay. . . Also

our owner and chef are allergic to cigarette smoke so we HIGHLY prefer a

non-smoker." It's a mouthful

  • A

    new wine bar will be opening in West Palm, the owners of which are

    looking for an executive chef with a coupla years' experience who knows

    wine as well as the difference between saltimbocca and salami.

    Interested? Check it out here

  • How are your bouncer skills? Rocco's madhouse is looking for managers. If you're deft at handling boozed-up babes and tequila-fueled tourists, here's a job for your skill set. 

  • In other notes, mixology is making its way to the area as some shop is looking for Floridian mad scientists. Like playing with foam and making spheres? How 'bout glow in the dark cocktails? If you don't mind being spoken to in ALL CAPS, this may be the job for you. 

  • Looking to bail from sunny Florida? Steven Starr will attempt to lure you to Philly just in time for the cold weather and gray skies.

  • And. Sigh. . Who doesn't love Daniel Boulud? Ambitious line cooks, heads up: If you're willing to make the jump to NYC to live in an overpriced hovel while working 18 to 20 hours a day, you too can have your ass handed to you from one of the country's -- nay, the world's -- most renowned chefs. For a young'un with the constitution, the opportunity may be worth it.

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