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Holiday Beers and Sudsy Events at Laser Wolf, Bash

Though many of us associate winter holidays with cocktails, craft beer artisans are in on the festivities, brewing in-demand seasonals that avoid flavors of Christmas trees and potpourri. Some favorites after the jump.

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday

Ale is the brewery's 2011 switcheroo from Brown Shugga, the

long-fermented beer from years' past. Money ousted the old recipe --hence the suck-- since

every case of Brown Shugga shorted three cases of other Lagunitas' best

sellers, reported Phoenix New Times. The new brew that features barley,

wheat, oats, and rye --"a cereal medley"-- is a

dry-hopped IPA that packs 7.8% alcohol.

Shiner Holiday Cheer

The first go-round of this holiday beer is my holiday

favorite, and everyone else's too. Riverside Market is clear out of it,

with reports of customers buying it by the case elsewhere. A balanced beer that starts out malty with a hop finish, it's

perfect for a session, at 5% alcohol.

Noel des Geants
This Belgium seasonal deserves a swirl. Big like booze, this 9%-er starts as sweet malt that defers to fig and molasses flavors at the finish.

Interested in sampling more seasonals?On December 15, check out the beer versus wine pairing dinner at Bash, a five-course, $60 extravaganza in which you determine the winners.(Call 954-578-6700 for reservations.)

For noncommittal types, on the same night, Dogfish Head takes over the taps at Laser Wolf, featuring 120 Minute IPA, Olde School Barleywine, Immort Ale, and Bitches Brew among them. Swing by and taste your ass off.

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