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Holiday Gifts for the Craft Beer Lover Who Has Everything

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- The Randall Jr., $19.99

This is the home-sized version of Dogfish Head's Randall the Enamel Animal, a draft line add-on that allows bars to augment a beer with a variety of whole-leaf hops, herbs, spices, or anything they can think of, right at the point of pour. The Randall Jr. is a beer infuser like no other, with double-walled insulation to keep beer cold and BPA-free plastic so you don't have to worry about any toxic leeching. The big-boy Randall has been in the beer server's arsenal since 2002, so it's about time there's something for the little man.

- American Homebrewer's Association Membership (and free book!), $38

Maybe you know someone who's dabbled in Mr. Beer or has shown interest in going into the next step beyond just drinking beer. Why not make him a card-carrying member of the American Homebrewer's Association? For $38, he'll receive access to the members-only sections of the AHA website, stocked with archived lectures, forums, and a bimonthly magazine, Zymurgy. He'll also be able to use his card for discounts at participating homebrew shops, breweries, and brewpubs. Not only will he get the yearlong membership, but this year, the AHA is including a choice of an awesome brewing book with that membership. Give the gift of John Palmer's How to Brew, Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing, or Jamil Zainasheff and Chris White's Yeast. These authors are at the forefront of brewing techniques and recipes, and these are amazing additions to any beer enthusiast's home.

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