Home Depot Holiday Gifts For the Kitchen for Less Than $5

We have to concede that Home Depot isn't as sexy as Sur La Table. That said, you can save a buck or two shopping here for items that can cost double or triple for a similar item in a kitchen shop. Here's a quick list of stocking stuffers for a home cook that cost less than a fiver.

5. Pizza Stone

Price: Less than $5
Use an unglazed quarry tile to get an oven supa-hot for baking pizza at home. For thickness, choose 1/2 inch to an inch-thick tile labeled under Home Depot's Saltillo's brand or Fireclay.

5. Bread Basket
Price: Less than $2 each
Pick up various sized terra cotta flower pots for tableware. Line smaller narrow ones with wax paper for finger foods --fried squash blossoms or french fries, for example-- and bigger ones for bread baskets.

3. Biscuit Cutter
Price: Less than $2
A piece of pvc pipe that's anywhere from 1.5 to three inches across can serve as a biscuit cutter, crab cake sizer, or cookie cutter.

2. Corkscrew

Price: Varies
I think tools like The Rabbit are completely asinine. Go old-school by winding a screw in a cork and using the claw on a hammer to remove it. At least it has a dual purpose.

1. Everyday Glassware

Price:$2 each
If restaurants serve up bourbon cocktails in Mason jars, you can too.

Have any other suggestions for hardware items as kitchen tools? Leave them in the comments.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.