Art's smoky hot wings have real bite.
Art's smoky hot wings have real bite.
John Linn

Hot Wings at Art's BBQ Are Smoky Heaven

I nabbed an order of "Smokehouse Hot Wings" from Art's BBQ in Coral Springs yesterday. The place is a front-runner for our annual Best Of issue thanks to its intensely smoky ribs with genuine bark and a peppery rub. But I'd never before tried the wings, which Art's smokes instead of frying or baking.

Wings come ten to an order for about $9. That's a lot for an ordinary

fried wing, but it's clear some big effort goes into these guys. They

come coated in a spicier version of Art's brick-red barbecue sauce, a

sweet and spicy tomato base that tastes like it's been smoked itself. The

meat has a really nice bite too. It's tender but firm, just like Art's

ribs, and has a smoky pink sheen to it. Thanks to a few hours in the

smoker, the fat has rendered off the skin, leaving taut but not

necessarily crisp skin with intense flavor. I gotta say -- these

smokehouse wings are the bomb.

Just for the helluvit, I ordered a

rack of St. Louis ribs and a pulled-pork sandwich to go with my wings. I

love Art's meaty ribs, served over two slices of white bread to soak up

the juices. But damn, I kept returning to those wings. They were

serious barbecue eats in bite-sized packages.


2070 N. University Drive, Coral Springs



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