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How About We... Date Only Food Nerds

Single people are reminded every day how vast the dating pool is and how difficult it can be to juggle choices. How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Base your dating life on a partner's appetites. If you too are looking for an easy way to find someone ravenous with an exquisite palate,'s got you covered.

This week, the website announced it has teamed up with HowAboutWe to offer foodcentric dating site EaterDating. The gist: "You, the dater, post the kind of date you'd like to go on and choose from those who like the sound of that date. We never thought we'd be offering such a service via these pages" --neither did we -- "but

then we met the good folks behind HowAboutWe, who have done nothing less

than turn online dating on its head."

Who's on the site from these parts? Most dates are of the... straightforward variety, with suggestions for coffee, tapas near the sea, or a progressive dinner. Yawn.

Some joiners display more imagination, but does it pay off? After the jump, ten trending food and drink-focused dates, ranked by popularity.

10. How about we...

get mojitos and fried plantains at a Cuban restaurant.

(127 people want to do this.)

9. How about we...

create our own Willy Wonka adventure: Grab hot chocolates and then

keep hitting up candy stores till we lapse into a sugar coma. (130)

8. How about we...

go on a brewery tour and sample the wares.


7. How about we...

split a bottle of wine and play "2 truths and a lie."( 176 people want to do this.)

6. How about we...

pretend we're in middle school, get milk shakes, and reminisce about our favorite back-in-the-day TV shows. (212)

5. How about we...

stomp around in some puddles on the next rainy day -- then warm up in a café or bar. (258)

4. How about we...

break all the dating rules -- eat with our hands, be cheap, and be competitive. (276)

3. How about we...

go to trivia night at a local bar and see who gets the most questions right. (354)

2. How about we...

lurk at a coffee shop and make up stories about the couples who we think are there on a first date. (429)

1. How about we...

do a progressive dinner -- appetizers, entrées, and dessert each at a different place. (565)

They're surprisingly chaste, for a food-focused dating site. What say you, readers? Intrigued or appalled?

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