How to Make the Best (Of) Guacamole

Tired of dropping $12 for an appetizer-sized portion of smashed avocado and salt? You should be, particularly when you likely could do better (or at least as well) on your own at home. So said the entry for winner of Best Guacamole for the New Times' Best Of Broward/Palm Beach 2012. The honors went to the cheeky "Make your own damned guacamole," which included the winking conclusion "That wasn't so hard, was it, big boy?"

The recipe calls for seven simple ingredients and an insanely easy preparation. So easy, in fact that you could still handle it while two or three deep in homemade margaritas. For some visuals on how best to cut and core your avocados before starting the process watch this video (and please be careful with the knife work). 

Find the winning recipe for guacamole here. If you're looking for an alternate way to enjoy an avocado, consider the baked avocado and egg recipe. Click here for the complete list of Best Of food and drink winners. 

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