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Humane League South Florida Hosting Spring Gala and VIP Vegan Dinner to Benefit Farm Animals

Have you ever wondered why people eat pigs but not cats or dogs? That's a question the Humane League (THL) would like you to consider. The national animal advocacy organization is committed to extending people's radius of compassion to include all animals -- especially the ones that usually get eaten.

THL just opened a South Florida office, and its first gala kicks off Saturday, March 21, in Fort Lauderdale, complete with a VIP vegan dinner, entertaining guest speakers, raffle prizes, and more.

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Guest speakers include Bruce Friedrich, director of policy and advocacy at Farm Sanctuary, Bad Ass Vegan John Lewis, THL Executive Director David Coman-Hidy, and the South Florida team's director, Elyssa Diehl.

The event will raise money for the group's lifesaving work. THL has been around since 2005 and is committed to saving lives. "We want a world where all animals are treated with the same respect and compassion," says Diehl.

The evening will begin with a VIP dinner, followed by the gala. VIP attendees will get to indulge in a special three-course meal at Sky Thai Sushi on Las Olas along with the speakers and THL staff.

At the gala, Friedrich will kick off the talks, says Diehl.

"When I spoke with him, he mentioned tying all of the pieces [speakers] together and talking about how veganism is the cutting edge of social justice -- the environmental, human rights, and animal rights reasons to decrease consumption of animal products, etc. And then how THL is the cutting edge of vegan advocacy in the U.S.," Diehl explains.

Then there's entrepreneur and health enthusiast (and creator of the Bad Ass Power Cookie) John Lewis.

Last, THL's Coman-Hidy, and Diehl will talk briefly about THL and its national and local accomplishments in the past year.

There'll also be silent auction prizes, music, and more.

"Animal lovers should come to learn more about the Humane League and how they can get involved and support our work. All money that we raise from the night will go directly to helping animals," Diehl adds.

The VIP dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. at Sky Thai Sushi, 350 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale VIP tickets run $150 per person. The gala runs from 7 to 10 p.m. at C&I Studios, 541 NW First Ave. Tickets for the gala cost $50 per person, or $25 for students. Tickets are available online at

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