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Hyatt Launches New Burger Joint, I Swear

I'm not hallucinating, I promise. As if we hadn't said quite enough about hamburgers on this blog, I just got word that the Hyatt Bonaventure in Weston is introducing a new Burgers and Brews menu at their Banyan Restaurant, where they've put together a lineup of Angus and Wagyu sammiches  but also chicken, blue crab, and eggplant "burgers" (yah, right).

They're particularly proud of their homemade toppings and condiments over at the Hyatt. It says here they've got slaws made of fennel or Napa cabbage, roasted tomatoes and grilled pineapple (I've been putting pineapple rings on my hamburgers since 1977, of course) House-made condiments include bread and butter pickles, ketchup, cucumber tomato relish and pesto mayonnaise. I love me some homemade ketchup!

Then they're pairing the burgers with the "and brews" part:  "popular favorites such as Heineken Light, Samuel Adams and Blue Moon garnished with an orange." Is that the thing to do now? Have an orange with your beer? I feel so out of it that I missed this trend. Burgers cost $12 to $15, which puts them just a squigeon outside the range of my previously enacted laws. Although I am getting a little bit over the gourmet burger trend, I'll do my duty and go eat one, I guess. If anybody out there beats me to it, let me know how it goes.  

Also, a reminder: Ireland's Steakhouse, which was once the popular, long-running "Windows at Ireland's" on Lauderdale Beach owned by the Mitchell family, has moved out to the Weston Hyatt.

Hyatt Bonaventure

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