If Red Bull Gives You Wings, Will Ed Hardy Energy Shots Give You the Eye of the Tiger?

Just in case you need an extra shot of cool to go along with that muscle shirt or jewel-studded T-shirt dress, Ed Hardy has come to the rescue with a new product: his own brand of extra-strength energy shots.

For just $3 a pop, you can literally have the eye of the tiger with this sugar-free, low-carb boost of designer endurance -- the must-have accessory for all those late-night, club-hopping benders. 

Choose from two flavors: "Burst" or "Blast." It doesn't really say if it's a burst of berry or a citrusy blast, but no matter -- both taste equally, er, ferocious. So what if the flavors are a bit nebulous? It's Ed Hardy! Who cares?

So just how much energy will this shot give you? A single sip and you're guaranteed be as dazzling as the rhinestones on your shirt... or an even bigger douchebag. It all depends on who you're trying to impress.

Interested in giving it a shot? Charlie stumbled upon these in Delray Beach at the Antique Mall at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Atlantic. But you can always get a free trial here before risking a sucker punch to the face for actually buying one.

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