IKEA's Massive and Cheap Holiday Smorgasbord

For some, IKEA means hours of torture assembling some bookcase named "elfenhammer". For others, the giant blue and yellow warehouse is a place where Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jelly are abundant.

Look, take that snobby look off your face and confess here and now -- you love IKEA's "so-cheap-it's-gotta-be-a-front-for-buying-more-pressboard-furniture" cafeteria. Because let's face it -- you're not getting your lox fix for under five bucks anywhere else in south Florida.

IKEA is going one step further with their over the top Julbord celebration.

Julbord, derived from "yule", is what a traditional Swedish Christmas feast is called. On December 7, IKEA will feature an all-you-can-eat Swedish smorgasbord complete with ham, salmon, lingonberries, potatoes, and (of course) plenty of meatballs. The cost is $12.99 for adults, $4.99 for kids.

Want to have a Julbord at home? IKEA is also selling kits with everything you need to host a home feast.

The Julbord package ($35.99)  feeds four and contains frozen meatballs; cream sauce; smoked salmon; non-alcoholic mulled wine; raisin and almond mix; peeled shrimp; ginger thins; crispbread; semi-hard cheese; and a canvas tote bag to carry your goodies home in.

The Julbord baking kit ($15.99) comes with saffron rolls; marzipan; dark roast coffee; a gingerbread house; gingerbread dough; three chocolate bars; and a canvas tote.

Now, all that's left is to invite the Swedish Chef over to cook!

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