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I'm Drinking What?! Peanut Punch

Charlie is always on a mission to find things we've never tried before. During a recent grocery-store trip down the beverage aisle, this caught our eye:

Promising "100% Pure Natural Goodness," Jamaican Peanut Punch is marketed as giving you "Island Tingle." Though island tingle sounds more like something that might happen when one of the natives accosts you, we were intrigued.

Upon further investigation of the label, we discovered the claim that Peanut Punch is healthy and natural. So we decided to read the ingredients: water, milk solids, peanut, peanut butter, sugar, carrageen, salt, spices.

Thinking this may be a great source of protein, we checked out the nutrition facts. Sixteen grams of protein -- not too bad. Things were looking promising for our new drink until we checked out carbohydrates and sugar content.

Peanut Punch has 52 grams of carbs. A Big Mac has only 45 grams. As for sugar content, Peanut Punch has as much sugar content as a Health Toffee bar and a Payday combined: 43 grams.

After assessing the damage, we poured the drink into a glass to further inspect it. The punch was creamy and almost gelatinous, with darker bits of peanut floating in suspended animation. It smelled like, well, peanuts.

Reluctantly taking a sip, we sampled a milky substance that tastes strongly of -- you guessed it -- peanuts. More accurately, it's almost like drinking melted-down Mary Jane candies.

As for who should drink this, Charlie didn't care too much for this nutty concoction. We poured some into the 18-month-old's sippy cup, and he sucked it down like we do rum and Cokes on a Friday night.

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Erin Hilburn