It's like the grove grew up.
It's like the grove grew up.

I'm Eating What?! 4 Orange Premium Vodka

If it has been a while, or if your diploma's from a dotcom, here's a refresher on College 101: You can make vodka out of anything.

Anything anything? Not gym shorts or freshmen, no, but if it can be fermented and distilled, it can be 80 proof.

In this case, four types of Florida oranges -- Hamlin, Parson Brown, Temple, and Valencia -- have cut out the usual potato middleman for a purely orange-based spirit called 4 Orange Premium Vodka.

It's served up at Runway 84, Round Up, Spoto's, and Gratify, among others, and bottled in a sleek, frosted cylinder with an orange tree somehow projected on the inside-back of the bottle. (I suspect it will be more mystical once I start drinking).

So what's the verdict on this stuff?

At first sniff, it smells like a screwdriver -- definitely more like

orange juice than orange syrup. Straight up, the stuff burns more than the

smell-test implied it would. It's a little thick, but has less of that clumpy aftertaste than citrus-flavored

cheap vodka. It may not be a match for Grey Goose L'Orange, but really, what vodka is?

Who should drink this? Girls. Tall girls, short girls, local girls, interplanetary girls. It's best in a screwdriver or Cosmo (SATC2 pregame, anyone?), plus there's something much more feminine about a cocktail made from oranges than potatoes. Or freshmen.


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