Little stars, how I wonder what you are...
Little stars, how I wonder what you are...
Photo by Riki Altman

I'm Eating What?! Eigene Herstellung (AKA Star Cookies)

​Hmmm. The bag had only two words on it: eigene herstellung. And no ingredients, no expiration date, and no nutritional information. Was it worth trying?

It was pretty obvious to the human eye that these were innocent little sugar-topped cookies... how harmful could they be, right?

The fact that I'm writing this blog is proof that I survived. However, I'm sad to report that the cookies did not. 

Once getting a mouthful of those little buttery, star-shaped niblets down, there was no stopping. Their scent, something akin to shortbread, was welcoming. Comforting, even. And their petite size, similar to that of a man's watchface, made them easy to pop, chew, and swallow. It was easy to become obsessed with their not-too-crunchy, not-too-chewy texture. (Though it was tempting to plow through an entire bag immediately, I did take a moment to notice that the cookies had little flecks of nut inside.)

Nope, these aren't like the Space Cookies everyone told you to try when you touched down in Amsterdam (I know this because this variety only curbs the munchies, not causes them), but as to what they are... well, I don't quite know. Google translate wasn't much help. So here's a stab in the dark:

Ingredients: Flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, walnuts

Serving size: About 6 cookies

Overall rating: Yum-ilicious!

Who should eat these? Those who trust that good things can come in small, virtually unmarked packages. 


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