I'm Eating What?! Tea Candy

​Trusting there's always something interesting to be found at Whole Foods, we searched the aisles until -- voilà! -- we came across bags of Classic Iced Tea-flavored candy. Most candy companies do a terrible job of translating drinks into candies (Harino and Brach's -- you need to step it up!), but this one seemed promising.

These little amber-colored treats come from a company called Fusion Gourmet, based in California, and the tea extract inside is said to come from Indonesia. For tea connoisseurs like us, being able to immediately access the

flavor of tea anytime without the bother of boiling water, steeping, and chilling was highly


Each little gem contains about three milligrams of caffeine. Sure, you'd have to throw down nearly an entire bag to have it equate to one eight-ounce cup of coffee, but we could think of worse things to chew on. 

The first taste was not tangy and Arizona Iced Tea-ish like expected but mellower, like a cup of lukewarm Lipton. And the pieces are sweetened just right and even have a little creamy touch. Good stuff.

We see potential in this product. However, though the company already offers green tea latte and citrus green tea varieties, we'd be more inclined to pick up something a little more daring on the flavor front: Maybe a chai version? Earl Grey with cream? Lapsang souchong?

Who should eat this candy? Perhaps Brits trying to pretend they are assimilating easily into American culture, especially when 4 p.m. tea time rolls around. Or those whose office kitchenettes are stocked only with Folgers and Diet Coke. Pinkies up, pimps!

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